Coronavirus & Your Dental Care

Keeping You Safe & Smiling
Coronavirus recommendations from the Dentist

In the midst of Coronavirus spreading, we at Alanson M. Randol, DDS in Roseburg, OR have been monitoring this situation very closely. As health care providers during a pandemic, we will continue with the relief of pain and management of infection with our patients in order to keep them out of hospitals and emergency departments.

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, we have received several questions from our patients:

Can I put off my dental appointment until after the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

Regular dental appointments are an important part of taking care of your overall health. While it can be tempting to put off your regular checkup until things feel more “normal” again, we advise against it. Routine appointments give us an opportunity to check for a number of health conditions and catch them early. Some conditions, like tooth decay, can be more difficult, painful and expensive to treat if they’re left undetected.

Your health and safety is, and has always been, our top priority. Our team is taking every precaution to limit the risk of COVID-19 transmission at your visit.

Can I substitute a virtual visit for my regular appointment?

Teledentistry can be helpful in some situations, such as deciding if an oral health issue you’re experiencing is an emergency that requires immediate treatment or if it’s something that can wait a bit. If you think you may be experiencing a dental emergency, call our office and we will help you decide if you need to come in.

What are you doing differently because of COVID-19?

There are a number of steps our team is taking to help limit the spread of COVID-19. These include:

  • Increased personal protective equipment including masks, face shields, eye protection and surgical gowns.
  • Increased cleaning protocols. This includes using disinfectants known to kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, removing high-touch items like magazines and toys from the waiting room and frequently cleaning items like pens and clipboards.
  • Changing the way we operate by asking you to wait either outside or in our socially distanced waiting room, asking you to wear face masks while visiting our office and not bringing additional people to your appointment.
How is your dental team monitoring themselves for COVID-19?

Our team is subject to daily health screenings. This includes taking their temperatures to make sure they don’t have a fever and asking them a series of health-related questions each day to make sure they’re not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

You said you cannot see me because of my COVID-19 risk. Can you do that?

Yes. The safety of our patients and our dental team is our highest priority. As an office, we use our professional judgement and guidance from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Dental Association (ADA) to determine risk levels for seeing patients. If it was determined that you were high risk , or had a high temperature on the day of your appointment, we can have a conversation about which factors determined delay of service, so that you can self-monitor and reschedule.

What can I expect to be different at my next dental appointment?

Your health and safety are as important to us as they are to you. Every concern you’ve had, we’ve had too. As your dental provider, we have reviewed all of the expert guidance and research to make sure we’re taking every measure to keep our patients and team safe. Here’s what you can expect in our office:

Before your appointment:

  • To make sure patients are healthy, our team will call you to ask you some health-related questions before your scheduled visit.
  • To limit the number of patients in the waiting room, you may be asked to wait outside the office or in your car until the team is ready for you.
  • You may be asked to limit the number of people you bring with you.

At your appointment:

  • In accordance with state recommendations we ask that you wear a face covering while visiting our office.
  • Our team will take your temperature and may repeat the health questions asked before your appointment.
  • High-touch items like toys or magazines have been removed from the waiting room.
  • Our team may wear additional protective equipment, including face masks, plastic face shields, eye protection and surgical gowns.

After your appointment:

  • If you start to experience symptoms of COVID-19 within 2 days following your appointment please let our team know.
  • Schedule your next appointment on your way out. Your oral health is connected to your overall health, so one of the many ways you can stay healthy during these times is to keep up with regular dental care. We are here for you.




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